Meet Your Strategic Partner in Amazon Revenue Growth

Working HardMarketplace Strategy is a team of highly-focused and skilled Amazon strategists with an impressive track record in ecommerce digital marketing.

With experience leading ecommerce strategy for established consumer brands at a top online marketing agency, the leaders of Marketplace Strategy realized an untapped area of opportunity for their clients: the Amazon marketplace.

At this time, very few brands, or agencies, had noticed the vast opportunity in manipulating the Amazon marketplace in order to drive game changing increases in online sales. The team could see the astounding trends of Amazon’s growth, as well as the potential for brands to get ahead of the ecommerce curve.

Marketplace Strategy found that the most effective Amazon strategies were a combination of skills they had been perfecting for many years: search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, conversion rate optimization and marketplace management. With a depth of expertise in these areas, the team began to immerse themselves in Amazon – learning the intricacies of the Amazon platform and how to apply their knowledge in a way that very few had thought to do before them.

Marketplace Strategy began delivering Amazon Sales Acceleration programs to their clients and saw nothing short of-impressive results. Over the past few years, the team has built a proven and repeatable model for launching and growing businesses on Amazon.

Fast forward to 2015: Amazon stole $0.51 of every $1 of growth in U.S. e-commerce in 2015. Moreover, it grabbed 24% of total retail growth. It is no longer a question of whether or not your brand should be on Amazon. The question now is “how to accelerate sales on Amazon and beat competitors”?

The Marketplace Strategy team has been alongside Amazon as it has grown and they have adapted their tactics to ensure their clients are receiving the latest strategies. From A+ page creation to 3rd party minimization strategies, the team has a breadth of knowledge and experience delivering unmatched results for brands on Amazon.

If you are interested in learning more about the Marketplace Strategy team and how we can help your business grow, contact us here.