Amazon Vendor Strategy

Increasing Sales and Maximizing Profitability Through the Hybrid Model 

Vendors (or 1Ps) selling on Amazon have employed an array of strategies in an effort to maximize their presence on the channel. On the other hand, many have instead followed a path of least resistance, thereby overlooking an opportunity to evaluate the channel on a foundational level.

After decades of working within a standard vendor-retailer relationship, many national brands and large manufacturers have followed a similar approach with Amazon simply due to efficiency and familiarity.

Ultimately, though, there are many more considerations in the Vendor/Seller landscape, and with this lies significant opportunity. Each avenue has a myriad of pros and cons that affect how a brand fulfills, markets, and profits from its products.

This webinar outline’s many of the factors a Vendor should consider when evaluating Seller Central and the best ways to maximize profitability and increase sales through a Hybrid Model. 

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