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23 06, 2017

Amazon’s Acquisition of Whole Foods – Return of the Milkman?

Just when you thought the good old days of daily delivery from the milkman and fresh bread brought to the doorstep was becoming a story from your grandparent’s past, Amazon’s quest to be everyone’s grocery store may well, in some sense, make that a reality again. On Friday, Amazon dominated pre-weekend headlines by announcing its plan to acquire supermarket chain Whole Foods Inc. for $42 a share, a cash [...]

15 06, 2017

3 Vital Guidelines to Follow When Creating A+ Pages

A+ Pages provide prospective customers with engaging and meaningful product information, helping them make informed buying decisions. By educating the consumer about your product and brand, A+ Page content can increase sales on average 3-10%, according to Amazon. In order to create a well-designed, fully developed, and highly effective A+ Page—and in turn increase conversion rates—follow these 3 vital guidelines: 1) Design A+ Pages with Highly Visual Content Leverage [...]