23 06, 2017

Amazon’s Acquisition of Whole Foods – Return of the Milkman?

Just when you thought the good old days of daily delivery from the milkman and fresh bread brought to the doorstep was becoming a story from your grandparent’s past, Amazon’s quest to be everyone’s grocery store may well, in some sense, make that a reality again. On Friday, Amazon dominated pre-weekend headlines by announcing its plan to acquire supermarket chain Whole Foods Inc. for $42 a share, a cash [...]

15 06, 2017

3 Vital Guidelines to Follow When Creating A+ Pages

A+ Pages provide prospective customers with engaging and meaningful product information, helping them make informed buying decisions. By educating the consumer about your product and brand, A+ Page content can increase sales on average 3-10%, according to Amazon. In order to create a well-designed, fully developed, and highly effective A+ Page—and in turn increase conversion rates—follow these 3 vital guidelines: 1) Design A+ Pages with Highly Visual Content Leverage [...]

7 06, 2017

Amazon at IRCE 2017: Marketplace Strategy’s Take

  With the power and influence of Amazon in e-commerce seemingly clearer than ever, it’s no wonder the Internet Retailer Conference + Exhibition – taking place this week in Chicago – devoted an entire track on the first day to the platform. The track included several relevant topics that surely aided the e-commerce, marketing, and sales executives in attendance. Being that IRCE felt those topics were important enough to [...]

16 05, 2017

Amazon Doesn’t Care About Your Famous Brand Name

No matter what a brand sells, one of the most significant differences between traditional brick-and-mortar and Amazon is the fundamentally different path by which success is attained. For years, large brands ruled their category thanks simply to long-standing relationships with national retailers, who carefully controlled what they carried and how much of their shelves were devoted to a particular brand. This handshake economy created an environment where large brands [...]

28 04, 2017

Is Your Amazon Strategy Leaving Revenue on the Table?

Given Amazon is one of the fastest-growing retailers on earth, the trust and responsibility brands place in the hands of the team – whether internal or external -- managing their presence on the channel is immense. For those lacking the internal resources or bandwidth to give Amazon the attention it deserves, there’s an array of organizations that will offer to manage a company’s strategy and account. Old-fashioned retail brokers [...]