2 05, 2018

Preparing for Prime Day: Strategically Submitting Deals

Amazon’s Prime Day, their annual cyber holiday featuring around-the-clock deals that rival those offered on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, is set to take place once again during the second week of July. Prime Day has seen increased sales each year since its creation in 2015, with 2017’s Prime Day finishing with a record-breaking 60% YoY increase. Amazon said in its press release following the event Prime Day, “grew [...]

25 04, 2018

Goodbye, Steak Dinners: Amazon is the Ultimate Game of ‘What You Know’

It’s Sunday morning and you’re walking in the park with a friend on the way to lunch. You come upon two elderly men setting up a chess game. Your friend turns to you and offers a challenge: Pick the winner and he’ll buy lunch. If your player loses, the meal is on you. He’ll even let you pick which competitor you’d like to back. It’s a nice day and [...]

16 04, 2018

3 Ways to Get More Actionable Data from Your AMS Campaigns

Let’s face it. With conversions going for pennies, more high-volume, low-funnel traffic than you’ll find anywhere else, and built-in sales attribution that eliminates any need to set up goals or place conversion pixels, Amazon’s paid search campaigns are a no-brainer. Why else would every top brand be shifting ad budgets from Google to Amazon? Unfortunately, though, while AMS campaigns can be very effective, understanding how and why they’re effective [...]

9 04, 2018

The Nuances of Amazon’s Variation Model Types

Recently when creating a series of product variations, I ran into a string of issues in which titles didn't display as I intended. After a few moments of frustration, I quickly learned this is because Amazon has two types of variation display models: DCM and DPM. Display Parent Model (DPM) means that the title displayed will be that of the parent variation, regardless of which variation is chosen. Display [...]

3 04, 2018

March Amazon Recap

March was an exciting month, with Amazon in the news often, as usual. They made changes to existing Amazon programs, were blamed for the downfall of a toys retail giant – business as usual in Seattle! Here at MPS, we spent a lot of time in March developing and presenting our Amazon Vendor Strategy webinar: Increasing Sales and Maximizing Profitability Through the Hybrid Model. If you missed it, click [...]