Business/Product Immersion + Goal Alignment

Marketplace Strategy begins by immersing itself in your business; familiarizing ourselves with your goals, your products, and your current Amazon presence. To build the ideal custom program for your brand, it’s imperative we understand where you are now and where you’d like to go.

Next, we identify specific Amazon goals and key performance indicators to establish a clear definition of success.

Strategy + Brand Roadmap Creation

Once goals have been defined, MPS will design a strategy specifically tailored to reach them.

With this information defined, we then build a Brand Roadmap, constructing a detailed timeline for each facet of the program. Collaborative review and revision of the roadmap ensures the program remains aligned with your priorities and end goals.

Technical Account Audit + Repair

The foundation of a strong growing Amazon channel is sound account setup. This includes a complete product-by-product audit to identify problems and correct any of the wide range of commonly seen setup issues.

Only with proper and efficient setup is your account prepared to handle the impending growth.

Buyability Optimization

Once your account is technically sound, MPS begins the first stage of true optimization: Buyability. ‘Buyability’ is the level to which your overall Amazon presence and individual product pages can convert traffic into sales. This is accomplished through a variety of strategies, including classic product page conversion rate optimization techniques and Buy Box ownership analysis.

MPS confronts Buyability first to ensure a brand and its products are best equipped to convert shoppers before we take on efforts to increase in traffic itself. This is vital to the success of marketing campaigns and organic traffic optimization efforts.

Discoverability Optimization

Once Buyability is addressed, Marketplace Strategy shifts its efforts to increasing discoverability. Simply put, ‘Discoverability’ is the ease at which consumers can find your products on Amazon. In optimizing Discoverability, we focus on driving more traffic via targeted product keyword strategies, product page content optimizations, and Amazon Marketing Services efforts.

Sales Acceleration + Channel Integration

The next level of the Marketplace Strategy Sales Acceleration Program focuses on growing your Amazon brand awareness to build long-term, loyal customers that will purchase your products on Amazon and elsewhere.

This is tackled through Amazon brand promotion campaigns, as well as incorporating and synergizing non-Amazon channels for exponential impact.