Marketplace Strategy’s Amazon Services include:

Traffic Acquisition

Strategies employed to increase visitor quantity on product and brand pages include:

  • Amazon Search Engine Optimization
    • Keyword research and strategy development
    • Organic rank tracking
    • AMS keyword harvesting
  • Content Creation and Optimization
  • Amazon Marketing Services
    • Sponsored Product Ads
    • Headline Search Ads
    • Detail Page Display Ads
  • Coupon & Promotion Strategy Development and Implementation
    • Promo Code Programs
    • Lightning Deals, Deal of the Day, Gold Box, etc.
    • Best Deal & Price Discounts

Conversion Rate Optimization

MPS maximizes conversion of visitors to product & brand pages through:

  • Content conversion rate analysis & optimization
  • Image ideation and design
  • Video upload and optimization
  • A+ Page / Enhanced Brand Content design & implementation
  • Valid & safe review acquisition
  • Vendors – Strategic Amazon Vine usage
  • Sellers – Email campaign design & setup

Technical Optimization

An underestimated factor in Amazon success, MPS addresses technical optimization via:

  • Reseller and duplicate listing identification
  • Duplicate listing merges
  • Variation cleanup and organization
  • Catalog optimization

Account Management & Operations

The efficiency and profitability of the Amazon account is optimized through:

  • Account health monitoring
  • Buy Box ownership monitoring & action plans
  • Category placement optimization
  • Sellers – Inventory management & forecasting
  • Sellers – Brand Registry acquisition assistance & operations
  • Vendors – Amazon relationship development
  • Vendors – Premium services analysis and recommendations
  • Vendors – Specialized selling programs analysis & recommendations

Data & Analytics

Clients are supplied with a clear understanding of their current status and marketplace growth with:

  • Ongoing executive dashboard delivery
  • ASIN and Category-level reporting

Consulting Services

MPS’s programs become truly customized and to our clients’ advantage through individualized consulting services, which may include:

  • Product catalog analysis & strategy
  • Omnichannel integration strategies
  • Liquidation management
  • New product launch programs
  • Private label brand launch & marketing assistance