Why Focus on Amazon?

As brands gain a deeper understanding of Amazon.com and its nuances, they’re quickly realizing the powerful and unique opportunity in front of them to significantly increase revenue by implementing a well-thought out channel strategy.

Despite its preeminence in e-commerce, in many ways Amazon is still the ‘Wild West’, and a large percentage of organizations aren’t giving it the level of attention its massive potential demands.

But for those that have put forth the effort, even modest resources committed towards Amazon strategy and optimization has led to staggering growth.

If we’re living in the California Gold Rush, for traditional search engine optimization strategies for sites like Google, it’s already 7 or 8 years into the frenzy. There are miners nearly everywhere, using every imaginable strategy and gadget to find what they’re looking for. There’s still gold to be found, but to strike it rich it takes more knowledge and want-to than your competitors.

For Amazon, on the other hand, the rush has just begun. And while more prospectors are flooding in each day, the riches are still literally scattered on the ground beneath. Everyone is staking their claim, though, and the stories of those who find a fortune are quickly waning. But if you get there now, there are riches there for the taking.

With an approximated 60+ million Prime subscribers and more than $120 billion in revenue in 2016, products across countless categories are being bought in huge numbers on Amazon, and just a slightly larger slice of the pie could be a significant source of new revenue for any brand.

Each day at Marketplace Strategy, we see these possibilities first-hand and revel in the opportunity to help our clients grow on an exponential level.

To get the most out of Amazon, you won’t find another firm that understands the potential, knows how to seize it, and is as passionate as you are about growing your brand.