Why Marketplace Strategy?

1) A Progressive, Comprehensive Approach. MPS’s cutting-edge approach to Amazon optimization goes beyond the typical method of focusing primarily on product page content and managing pay-per-click ads. We also explore an array of factors such as conversion rate, backend setup and structure, and third-party reseller management. These, combined with our 6 Pillars to Success, helps us create the most significant and sustainable growth for clients.

2) A Focus on Amazon, and Amazon only. Rather than dispersing our resources and priorities amongst a myriad of marketing and business strategies, we focus all our time and energy into practicing and refining the strategies that help our clients maximize their presence on Amazon.com.

3) Experience & Proven Results. MPS isn’t alone in offering Amazon optimization. The word is out that help on the channel is an immense need for consumer brands who see its near-limitless potential. Because of this, many full-service agencies are now adding it to their roster of services, while fly-by-night operations are popping up every day. But on the long list of organizations who will promise to grow your Amazon sales, only a few have a track-record of working with major brand names in a variety of product categories.