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  • Adjust Product Detail Pages

    Adjusting Product Detail Pages for COVID-19 and the Holidays

    There’s often an opportunity to adjust product detail pages to more easily convert shoppers during Q4. With this, many brands revisit their presence on Amazon and other marketplaces before the holidays. However, reoptimizing likely looks different this year. Rather than gift-giving and seasonality at the forefront, coronavirus has caused brands to reoptimize for a global pandemic.  To support our clients, MPS strategists have worked to swiftly create innovative strategies. In...

    Hannah West Dalpiaz

    September 29, 2020   ·   2 min read

  • widespread impact of COVID-19

    Coronavirus Update: Widespread Impact of COVID-19

    Last week, we offered insight into how MPS clients have been affected by the coronavirus. We also shared our recent observations and what brands can expect in the weeks ahead. As the country works through continued closures and limitations, brands that sell on Amazon continue to adapt. Below we share the latest updates and more about the widespread impact of COVID-19. Shipments and Prioritization As we touched on last week,...

    Hannah West Dalpiaz

    April 23, 2020   ·   2 min read

  • coronavirus impact

    A Snapshot of the COVID-19 Impact on our Amazon Clients

    Since the outbreak of coronavirus, e-commerce has been affected in many ways. Our Amazon clients have seen change, both positive and negative. To fully understand the impact of COVID-19 on our clients, we pulled the numbers. Download the complete version of this case study here.

  • Effects of the Pandemic

    Unpacking the Permanent Effects of the Pandemic on E-Commerce

    As the world weathered the struggle and uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, we regularly reported on the trends and trials experienced by our clients and partners in the e-commerce industry. So much has changed since those early days of the virus, including the availability of a vaccine in the United States. Although Marketwatch reported a drop in Amazon stock in the second quarter of 2021 as the nation returned to...

    Hannah West Dalpiaz

    August 11, 2021   ·   3 min read

  • CPG Brands

    How E-Commerce Has Changed for CPG Brands and What it Takes to Succeed

    Over the course of 2020 and early 2021, e-commerce grew at lightning speed out of necessity. Not only did consumers embrace online shopping overnight, but savvy brands and retailers did as well. To put this growth into perspective, as of 2018, global e-commerce sales had not reached the $3 trillion mark. However, it surpassed $4 trillion in 2020 and eMarketer predicts it will exceed $6 trillion by 2024. While these...

    Hannah West Dalpiaz

    April 07, 2021   ·   3 min read

  • Media and commerce

    How the Media and Commerce Industries Overlap and What it Means for Advertisers

    In 2020, the growth of e-commerce was accelerated by more than five years. Before then, brands and advertisers had the flexibility to choose which platforms to leverage in their strategy. It was once relatively simple to identify which channel was best for driving awareness, consideration, and conversions. However, this changed when the traditional consumer journey and marketing funnel were disrupted. In this blog post, we explain how a brand’s media...

    Hannah West Dalpiaz

    March 16, 2021   ·   3 min read


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