A+ Pages

Amazon A+ Content is an Enhanced Content Available to all Amazon Vendors

Why Optimize Your A+ Pages

Rapid Feature Iteration Dedicated to Retail Search Optimization

Our team of retail search analysts works closely with our product and development teams to quickly identify opportunities to enhance CAPx with new capabilities to drive results for the campaigns that we manage.

As a technically oriented agency fluent in agile development methodology we are able to quickly roll out new retail focused strategies and approaches as the search landscape changes driving incremental revenue and value for our clients.

Multidimensional Data Inputs & Bid Adjustments

CAPx receives data across competitive intelligence, historical SKU performance, current sales velocity, keywords, site performance, audience trends, inventory count, query volume, query intent, and product margin and then feeds these inputs into CPC Strategy’s data warehouse, where they can begin to inform bidding strategy per channel.

Continually Optimize Product Data

Upon launch on any feed-based channel, CAPx ingests the master inventory file, re-maps product attributes based on key search relevancy factors, and appends product titles and descriptions with top-converting search terms.

Search Technology coupled with Deep Analytical Insight – Best of Both Worlds

Our CAPx platform was built with an expert user in mind. With a dedicated CPC Strategy analyst behind the wheel of arguably the most powerful proprietary retail search optimization platform in the world, success on retail focused search channels like Bing and Google becomes less of a guessing game and more of a science.

Retailers Benefit From CAPx’s Ability to:

  • Identify the Most Profitable Brands, Categories, & SKU Segments
  • Target and Eliminate Factors That Lead to Wasted Ad Spend
  • Track Audience Trends Over a Variety of Parameters
  • Provide Ongoing Competitive Landscape Analysis
  • Custom-Build Programmatic Data Interactions with AdWords Campaigns via API
  • Automate Repricing Strategy via Product-Level Competitive Pricing Intelligence
  • Scale Bidding Strategy to Adjust for Sales Velocity, Audience Trends, Location, Time-of-day, and User Device


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