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  • November 13, 2019

    Amazon Advertising Earns TAG Certified Against Fraud Seal

    As Amazon Advertising grows, it's important for the company to prove it will protect brands and consumers. The impact of digital ad fraud is great, however, measuring it can be difficult according to eMarketer. Its most recent estimate ranges from $6.5 billion to $19 billion. We believe Amazon Advertising is taking the right steps by earning the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) Certified Against Fraud Seal. Continue reading to learn more...

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  • November 12, 2019

    The Top 3 Amazon Advertising Challenges and Solutions

    Amazon Advertising has become increasingly important to brands that sell on the channel. However, if you’re not an expert, there can be more questions than answers when developing a strategy. Continue reading to learn more about common Amazon Advertising challenges and solutions. Marketing Charts A Lack of Comprehensive Reporting  Nearly 100% of advertisers already have or plan to install a data management platform. Data, analytics, and reporting are crucial to...

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  • November 7, 2019

    How Amazon Advertising Impacts Your E-Commerce Brand

    In 2018, brands spent more than $4.5 billion on Amazon Advertising, and spending is expected to increase. Advertisers have realized Amazon’s audience is not only massive but engaged, too. Brands have also found advertising campaigns to be one of the key drivers of organic growth on the platform. As a result, brands have more reason to invest in Amazon Advertising to compete. Continue reading to learn more about how Amazon...

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  • November 5, 2019

    What Brands Can do During the Final Days of the E-Commerce Holiday Rush

    Now that the e-commerce holiday rush is in full swing, e-commerce brands are in the mode of finding out what’s left to prepare. In this blog post, we share some of the last-minute details brands can address to make the most of these final days. Continue reading for strategic direction and to ensure your brand is in the best position to take on the upcoming peak season. Provide an Omnichannel...

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  • October 30, 2019

    Amazon Project Zero is No Longer Invite-Only

    Counterfeit products have been a long-standing problem for Amazon, its customers, and the brands that sell on the channel. They're so prevalent, Apple claims 90% of its products on Amazon are counterfeit. Amazon understands this is a costly issue and can be a deterrent to selling on the channel. To help brands overcome this, Amazon initially released Project Zero as an invite-only program. But now, it’s open to any brand...

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  • October 28, 2019

    Advertising and Streaming: Amazon’s Focus on the Positive

    In mid-October, Amazon released it’s much anticipated quarter three earnings. The response was quick and firm with observations. Profit margins dropped by nearly 30%, threatening Jeff Bezos’ title of richest person in the world. Most of this can be attributed to Amazon’s investment in one-day shipping. However, there are two areas of focus that allow Amazon to remain confident in its future. Continue reading for Marketplace Strategy’s perspective on Amazon’s...

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  • October 24, 2019

    7 Tips to Get the Best Results When Submitting an Amazon Support Ticket

    Amazon has more than 310 million active customers that use the platform every day. The opportunity for brands is unmatched, making it more crucial than ever to provide a positive customer experience. So, when something goes amiss, brands often turn to Amazon's support for help. Yet, the experience isn’t always seamless or reliable. Continue reading for advice to get the best results when submitting an Amazon support ticket. Amazon Support...

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  • October 22, 2019

    Why Product Page Optimization Matters to your Amazon Advertising Strategy

    Both Amazon Advertising and Amazon DSP have made an impact on brands' strategies. When used together, search and programmatic advertising capture intent, demand, and target shoppers based on these behaviors. But, brands need to make sure they’re driving traffic to quality content designed to convert visitors. Continue reading to learn why focusing on product page optimization is essential to your advertising campaigns. Without Advertising Brands Rely on Organic Search  Advertising...

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  • October 17, 2019

    Amazon’s Evolution: A Marketing Tool and More for Brands

    Since Amazon was founded, it has grown to become something much greater. Many factors have contributed to its growth and change. Advancements in technology, strategic decisions, and the number of brands that now sell on the channel all have been major factors. Here we explain different aspects of Amazon’s evolution to the future. Amazon Advertising and DSP  According to Statista, Amazon’s advertising revenues will surpass $19 billion by 2021. This...

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  • October 15, 2019

    Your Brand’s Holiday Season Amazon Advertising Checklist

    In 2018, Amazon claimed almost 50% of all online transactions on Thanksgiving. And, on Black Friday, it earned almost 60% of online sales. So, if your brand isn’t advertising its products on the channel, it’s missing out on a major opportunity during the holidays. Continue reading for a holiday season Amazon Advertising checklist designed to help brands make the most of this time of year. Prepare Before the Holiday Season ...

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