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  • Instacart & Walmart.com: Similarities, Differences, and Future Growth Opportunities with Cleveland Research Company

    Watch this info-packed webinar on demand now! Listen to  MPS & Cleveland Research for a 60 minute session on Walmart.com and Instacart. During the session, MPS’s lead client strategist, Sam Jennings, will join CRC’s Executive Director, Russ Dieringer, to unpack the opportunities on both Walmart and Instacart. Sam shares his perspective that many of the fundamental strategies learned on Amazon can be applied to these newer digital channels, while at...

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  • Venturing Beyond Amazon: How Brands Will Diversify Sales Channels in 2021

    During this webinar, we were joined by Executive Vice President of Marketplace Strategy, Greg Wolny. He used this hour to explain how and why brands should focus on marketplace expansion, beyond Amazon, in 2021. Sign up for on-demand access to this webinar to learn how the pandemic impacted the marketplace landscape in 2020 and what to expect in 2021. We provide a marketplace pulse report and explain how consumer behavior...

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  • Expanding Amazon Success to Walmart.com

    Download now to learn the following:  Learn how to scale and adjust your Amazon strategy for Walmart.com Understand features unique to Walmart like the Content Scorecard and Shelf Description Find out who can sell on Walmart and more about its third-party landscape Discover the differences between advertising on Amazon and Walmart Take in the basics of Enhanced Content and Product Page Variation Set Up Click Here to Watch Now!

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  • How a Classic American Snack Brand Unlocked its Amazon Potential

    Before partnering with Marketplace Strategy (MPS), Amazon was a small fraction of business for Utz Quality Foods, a near-century-old snack brand. In this webinar, representatives from Utz and MPS walkthrough the company’s journey past many roadblocks, leading to success on the channel. Watch Webinar Now Watch now to hear Dave Colgan (Utz) and Sam Jennings (MPS) discuss the specific nuances of Amazon that made growth a challenge, and how the...

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  • Redefining How To Measure Success on Amazon

    Viewing Your Brand’s Amazon KPIs Through a New Lens Success on Amazon involves more than just earning a significant amount of sales. Brands need to regularly measure a number of metrics to understand where they stand. In this webinar, our experts share metrics to measure the health of your account on Amazon, as well as the ways brands should be defining success. Use this to help your brand stay on...

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  • omnichannel

    How CPGs are Mastering Omnichannel Growth

    Multi-billion-dollar consumer packaged goods manufacturers have embraced the direct-to-consumer online movement. In an industry built on shelf space and traditional advertising, CPGs have had to shift their most foundational strategies. Rather than focusing on brick and mortar efforts, they have had to become experts at a new paradigm online. But in the past year, the efforts have continued to pay dividends. In 2018 alone, direct-to-consumer sales grew 35%. This growth...

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