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  • Year-Over-Year Changes to Amazon Advertising Cost-per-Clicks (CPCs)

    MPS strategists have analyzed client data yo compare Q1 2019 and Q1 2020. Cost-per-clicks (CPCs) have fluctuated to reflect Amazon's growing catalog and competitive landscape. ...

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  • coronavirus impact

    A Snapshot of the COVID-19 Impact on our Amazon Clients

    Since the outbreak of coronavirus, e-commerce has been affected in many ways. Our Amazon clients have seen change, both positive and negative. To fully understand the impact of COVID-19 on our clients, we pulled the numbers. Download the complete version of this case study here. ...

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  • A Holistic Approach to Amazon with StarKist Co. and MPS

    The popular food manufacturer, Skarkist Co., sells a variety of shelf-stable products to the U.S. market. They partnered with MPS to accelerate growth on Amazon and reach aggressive growth goals. Learn more about how Starkist Co. and MPS found success through a holistic approach. Download the complete version of this case study here. ...

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  • Jabra and Marketplace Strategy Jumpstart Amazon’s Flywheel Effect

    Jabra is a global brand specializing in providing best-in-class audio and electronics solutions. Jabra’s product lines consist of headphones, headsets, and speakerphones. Before partnering with Marketplace Strategy (MPS) in early 2019, Jabra managed its Amazon presence internally. Now, MPS is fully integrated into Jabra’s global strategy on the channel. Download the complete version of this ...

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  • How a Strategic Partnership Can Propel a Brand’s Success on Amazon

    Earning share of search and jumpstarting Amazon’s flywheel isn’t a small task for even the largest brands. In this case study, we outline how MPS and leading brand in the Toys & Games category achieved goals through a strategic partnership. Download the complete version of this case study here. ...

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  • Building an Amazon Store with Portofino Tuna and MPS

    Amazon Stores are free to registered brands and customizable to provide an ideal user experience possible for shoppers. Learn more about Marketplace Strategy's approach when you download this case study. ...

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