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  • Overcoming Major Obstacles on Amazon to Find Success

    Marketplace Strategy provides clients with strategic direction and recommendations to overcome obstacles and deliver results. Learn more about our approach and progress with a major coffee brand when you download this case study. ...

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  • Leverage the Power of Over-the-top (OTT) Advertising

    Marketplace Strategy (MPS) has helped a number of brands test and embrace the power of over-the-top (OTT) advertising. Learn more about the difference it made for a leading housewares brand.  Click here to download a copy of this case study. ...

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  • Improve the Customer Experience to Increase Sales

    After five years of selling on Amazon, a leading health and personal care brand came to Marketplace Strategy (MPS) to help them improve their overall customer experience and increase sales. Download this case study to learn how MPS turned a $300,000 account into a thriving $6 million brand. ...

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  • Baggallini and MPS Accelerate Success on Amazon

    Baggallini, a handbag manufacturer, already had significant success on Amazon.com. When the brand was featured on the homepage they turned to Marketplace Strategy (MPS) to further increase their brand recognition and return on ad spend. Click here to download a copy of this case study. ...

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  • Cyalume and MPS Drive Significant Revenue Growth

    Cyalume is an industry-leading manufacturer that came to Marketplace Strategy (MPS) after experiencing a significant decrease in sales on Amazon. MPS helped get them back on track and grew revenue by 100% year over year. ...

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  • Take Your Amazon Presence to the Next Level with MPS

    Jack Link’s, the largest meat snack and beef jerky company in the United States came to Marketplace Strategy (MPS) looking to take its well-performing Amazon presence to the next level. Click here to download a copy of this case study. ...

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