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We are thrilled with the positive results that working with Marketplace Strategy have yielded to our Amazon business. They are timely and efficient in launching product listings, they have the capacity to launch in multiple markets simultaneously, and they have a good understanding of AMS and AMG. Overall Marketplace Strategy is a great partner that adds capacity to a firm’s marketing team when launching and growing the Amazon sales channel.

Jorge Benitez

Director of Global Sales, HairMax at Lexington International, LLC.

As a manufacturer we were in the stage of not really understanding how to conduct business on Amazon and grow profitably in the exploding Ecommerce world. After interviewing numerous Amazon consultants it was very clear to me that Marketplace Strategy was “Best in Class” and honestly blew the competition away in their knowledge of the channel. MPS has not only lived up to my expectations but has helped us grow at three times the rate I anticipated both top and bottom line. Hardworking, driven, and innovative thinkers – MPS will not disappoint!

David Mullican

Director of Sales- Ecommerce and Alternate Channels, The Jel Sert Company

We value the Marketplace Strategy team so much! Amazon is a tough game and MPS has been instrumental in allowing us to grow!

Amanda Giglio

Key Account Manager, BigMouth Inc.

Proven Client Growth on Amazon


    $300,000 Channel Grew to $6 Million in Just Over a Year

    MPS began with a technical overhaul to ensure a smooth and intuitive consumer experience. Through the eradication of duplicate listings and creating consistency varieties, the brand saw an immediate and significant increase in revenue, marking 122% growth in the first three months of the program.


    Already Successful AMS Account Skyrockets with MPS

    Baggallini, a leading handbag manufacturer, had had been successfully selling on Amazon for several years, employing Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) advertising to drive growth. Looking to maintain and increase their brand presence while also expanding non-branded share of search, Baggallini partnered with Marketplace Strategy (MPS).


Proven Client Growth on Amazon

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