[GUIDE] Rebirth of Amazon Display Advertising

In this guide, we will dive into the nuances of Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP). Learn how to programmatically buy display and video ads to reach new customers at different stages of their buying journey on and off Amazon. Download this guide HERE to learn the possibilities of DSP. (This was last updated in early 2020, for updated information check out code3.com) 

Use exclusive Amazon audiences to reach your ideal audience on and off Amazon.

Unleash the opportunity for your brand to go beyond search ads and reach a larger number of high-intent consumers by implementing a full range of remarketing strategies.

Brands now have the ability to control the programmatic side of their Amazon efforts, opening the doors to a world of new targeting capabilities. By delivering high numbers of impressions to shoppers wherever they are online, these ads can drive awareness and consideration of previously unfamiliar brands and products, as well as re-engage customers who have expressed interest in your products but have yet to purchase. With this capability now available through self-service and managed-service options organizations should be taking advantage of the opportunity to remarket, track customer behaviors, and target defined audiences like never before.

Check out the guide to learn more!

The Rebirth of Amazon Display Advertising Guide