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Our team of highly skilled Amazon experts works together to strategically optimize and manage your account.

MPS has developed in-depth expertise and a refined process for optimizing and accelerating sales for a wide range of brands on Amazon, utilizing specialized selling programs, and all other potential avenues for growth.

Strategic Support

With dozens of clients representing an array of categories, Marketplace Strategy has complete and comprehensive knowledge of Amazon.com, allowing us to provide our clients with a full understanding of their options and opportunities in adapting to the future of retail.

This includes:

  • A customized roadmap to success
  • Alignment with your goals and objectives
  • Proactive channel management
  • Consistent strategic recommendations
  • Access to applicable beta tests
  • Account health monitoring
  • Vendor Central (1P) vs. Seller Central (3P) analysis & considerations
  • Product launch strategies
  • Profitability / CRaP Analysis
  • New opportunity identification
  • Pack size & variation expansion
  • Category analysis

Design Strategy & User Experience

With branding opportunities limited on Amazon, taking advantage of the few avenues where a brand can customize its presence on the channel is vital to standing apart from competition. At MPS, we view design as a strategic discipline, capable of significantly increasing conversion rates and increasing sales overall.

  • Custom Product Images
  • Amazon Brand Stores
  • A+ Pages & Enhanced Brand Content
  • Custom Branded AMS Campaigns

The foundation of a brand’s presence on Amazon is its product pages. As Amazon grows more competitive, the complete optimization of product pages – including titles, copy, bullet points, back-end keywords, product images, A+ Pages, and variations — has become a mandate for brands looking to succeed on the channel.

  • Copy Optimization
  • Design Strategy & Enhanced Content
  • Technical Optimization
  • Backend Strategy

Amazon Advertising & DSP

By focusing exclusively on Amazon Marketing Services, MPS’s AMS strategists are able to develop and maintain a thorough and refined expertise of the specific nuances of the platform. This focus, combined with our unique approach to campaign structuring and bid management, is how our clients regularly far exceed expectations within their advertising efforts.

  • Maximizing Measurability
  • Ongoing Bid Management
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Robust Testing

Technology & Robust Reporting

MPS Intelligence was created to ensure our strategists and technical analysts stay as up-to-date as possible on the status of client catalogs. This proprietary tool runs automated scans of product listings to identify problem areas more quickly and accurately than manual methods.
MPS Intelligence allows our clients to ensure their Amazon presence is buttoned up and able to operate at its fullest potential, while also uncovering new opportunities and areas for improvement.

Technology & Robust Reporting

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We are thrilled with the positive results that working with Marketplace Strategy have yielded to our Amazon business. They are timely and efficient in launching product listings, they have the capacity to launch in multiple markets simultaneously, and they have a good understanding of Amazon Advertising and Amazon's programmatic offerings. Overall Marketplace Strategy is a great partner that adds capacity to a firm’s marketing team when launching and growing the Amazon sales channel.

Luxury Beauty Brand

Director of Global Sales, a Luxury Beauty Client

As a manufacturer we were in the stage of not really understanding how to conduct business on Amazon and grow profitably in the exploding Ecommerce world. After interviewing numerous Amazon consultants it was very clear to me that Marketplace Strategy was “Best in Class” and honestly blew the competition away in their knowledge of the channel. MPS has not only lived up to my expectations but has helped us grow at three times the rate I anticipated both top and bottom line. Hardworking, driven, and innovative thinkers – MPS will not disappoint!

David Mullican

Director of Sales- Ecommerce and Alternate Channels, The Jel Sert Company

We value the Marketplace Strategy team so much! Amazon is a tough game and MPS has been instrumental in allowing us to grow!

Amanda Giglio

Key Account Manager, BigMouth Inc.

I wanted to send a thank you for all the hard work and support. We have grown 50% in the past week and doubled our sales from three weeks ago. MPS’ advertising support has been a key factor. The results MPS has driven have exceeded our expectations. We’re excited!

Leading Consumer Electronics Brand

MPS is doing a great job managing campaigns and communicating updates for us. It’s a lot to keep track of and we really appreciate their level of support and engagement.

Tools & Home Improvement Brand

MPS did a great job reacting to all of our requests for budget increases and product promotion support for Prime Day. Thanks so much for the support!

Consumer Electronics Brand

We have only positive things to say about MPS. The executive team is going to start focusing in on Amazon in 2020 and it’s all because of the amazing work you have put in!

Grocery & Gourmet Food Brand

Thanks to the awesome content provided by MPS on this project, we are confident these products will thrive!

Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry Brand

Thank you for the success with are having on both Amazon Advertising and DSP, we know you are reacting quickly to the adjustments we are having to make due weekly supply shifts during this unprecedented time (COVID-19).

Consumer Electronics

VP eCommerce, Leading Manufacturer of Consumer Electronics

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