Design Strategy & User Experience

Design is a strategic discipline capable of directly increasing sales

Custom Product Images

Branding opportunities are limited on Amazon, making the few avenues where a brand can customize its presence on the channel vital to standing apart from competition.

At MPS, we view design as a strategic discipline, capable of significantly increasing conversion rates and helping to lessen the frequency of negative reviews.

According to Amazon, more than 90 percent of people who purchase a product on Amazon view every picture within its image library. That in mind, the product image library is no longer a place simply for angles of the product and pictures of packaging.

With short-attention-span shoppers, the image library plays a massive role in a consumer’s decision to purchase an item. When comparing competitive products, differentiation is best expressed not through copy, but through informational and features-based images designed specifically for the brand and product, and loaded directly into the product image library above the fold.

MPS’s team of full-time design strategists work directly with brands to align on messaging and design guidelines, and understand where products can stand out from the pack. With this information, they create customized images that promote the brand, and maximize the chance the product will be the one added to the cart.

A+ Pages & Enhanced Brand Content

The quality and effectiveness of A+ Pages and Enhanced Brand Content across Amazon varies dramatically. Many examples are still painfully text heavy, while some brands have yet to implement these free additions to product pages.

When creating a A+ Page or Enhanced Brand Content, MPS’s goal is to ensure that if a potential consumer is scrolling down to read a product’s reviews, the page is certain to catch their eye and draw them in for more.

Our design team’s comprehensive understanding of the capabilities and limitations of these pages lead to effective A+ Pages that maximize the use of available modules to create an experience that both strengthens brand equity, and maximizes conversion rate.

Brand Stores

The Brand Store presents a unique opportunity for companies to create a website within Amazon where they can tell their story, feature its products, and even test landing pages for specific initiatives.

Since they were debuted in the summer of 2017, MPS has created dozens of Amazon Brand Stores, through which our team has developed unique expertise in creating and leveraging these pages to increase brand recognition, grow cross-sell opportunities, and maximize marketing efforts.

MPS expects the capabilities, visibility, and measurability of these Brand Store pages to expand in the near future.


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