Amazon Advertising Management

Advertising on Amazon is becoming more complex and competitive every day

Advertising on Amazon

The Amazon catalog is now saturated with strong listings, boasting hundreds of reviews, considerable organic optimization, and robust sales velocity. This means making a significant impact on Amazon simply through organic means has become far more challenging.

This has led many brands to shift greater focus to advertising efforts as the main driver in spurring on growth.

With functionality and complexity on AMS expected to increase significantly over the next 12 months, it has become even more important that these efforts are not only being pursued, but are handled by an expert.

By working full-time on AMS — and not splitting time working on Google AdWords or other online advertising platforms — MPS’s AMS strategists are able to understand the specific nuances of the channel to attain maximum possible return for clients.

Maximizing Measurability

Reoptimizing campaigns based upon results and data are a fundamental part of succeeding on any pay-per-click advertising platform. But with limitations in reporting, AMS’s output can often leave a lot of uncertainty when it comes to attribution.

MPS’s proprietary approach to campaign structure and attribution analysis minimizes active variables, leading to more effective and reliable optimizations.

Ongoing Bid Management & Campaign Optimization

The days of AMS being a ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ channel are long past. With competition growing at an aggressive pace, maintaining profitable AMS campaigns in the long-term demands constant oversight.

Through MPS’s AMS management programs, we become our clients’ proactive eyes on the channel, tracking budgets, front-end spot checking, and monitoring for anomalies on a daily basis.

Robust Testing

Testing programs are simply an impossibility for many brands because they necessitate constant oversight and review. Yet, they can glean invaluable insights that can be used to attain enhanced results on Amazon, and even external marketing channels.

With MPS at the helm of your AMS campaigns, implementing a robust testing program – including A/B testing of ad copy, product positioning, and more — quickly becomes viable.


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