Product Page Optimization

The foundation of a brand’s presence on Amazon is its product pages

Copy Optimization

Marketplace Strategy understands that Amazon is not Google, and the approach to optimizing titles, bullet points, back-end keywords, and descriptions, must be aligned with Amazon-specific best practices.

While general knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) practices is fundamental, it necessitates an understanding of Amazon’s unique qualities to rise above the competitive landscape.

Our copy strategists work full-time on Amazon optimization, allowing them to truly understand how the channel differs from traditional digital arenas, and how to create copy that maximizes both visibility and conversion rate.

Design Strategy & Enhanced Content

At Marketplace Strategy, we approach design not simply as a creative avenue, but a strategic one that can heavily influence conversion rate, and minimize issues like negative reviews and product returns.

MPS’s team of full-time designers excels is understanding how to present products, not simply to showcase item and brand, but to ensure the consumer has the information he or she needs to confidently purchase a product without having seen it in person.

Both the product image library and A+/Enhanced Brand Content Pages are unique opportunities within Amazon to highlight key features, competitive differentiators, and brand strength to increase the chance a product wins out over other considered items.

Technical Optimization

The backbone of a successful Amazon product page is an intuitive user experience, driven by consistent, clean, and complete variations, allowing consumers to easily find the appropriate product to fit their needs.

Technical optimization, including the identification and merging of duplicate listings, and the creation of clear product variations can maximize cross-sell opportunities, and significantly increase sales — oftentimes immediately.

It also can significantly curb the influence of pesky third-party re-sellers.

Marketplace Strategy uses its internal proprietary software, MPS Insights, to track our clients’ technical presence on an ongoing basis, allowing them to provide an intuitive and shopper-friendly experience for consumers.



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