Gaining Control in the Never-Ending Battle Against Resellers


Learn about the newest ways third parties meddle with your Amazon listings to steal sales & how to minimize their impact on your brand.

One of the most long-standing and relentless pain points brands have encountered over time on Amazon has been the effect of resellers via the channel’s third-party marketplace.

Brands are faced with the choice of entering into a never-ending (and often ineffective) game of damage control, or allowing third parties to run wild and claim control over large percentages of the brand’s revenue on the channel.

To make matters worse, as many brands have regained control and taken back their listings from resellers, resellers change the game and create new tricks to make themselves even harder to eradicate.

Whether they reemerge as duplicate listings, unauthorized variations, new quantity packs, or otherwise, one thing seems for certain: Third-party resellers are a pesky fact of the Amazon marketplace, and there is a host of important reasons to mitigate their impact.

Topics we cover in this webinar:
– The latest tricks being employed by resellers to steal sales
– The damage that can be inflicted by resellers
– The most efficient paths towards addressing reseller issues
– Strategies to slow down resellers from returning
– Big-picture initiatives to shut down resellers for good