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  • Redefining How To Measure Success on Amazon

    Viewing Your Brand’s Amazon KPIs Through a New Lens Success on Amazon involves more than just earning a significant amount of sales. Brands need to regularly measure a number of metrics to understand where they stand. In this webinar, our experts share metrics to measure the health of your account on Amazon, as well as the ways brands should be defining success. Use this to help your brand stay on...

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  • omnichannel

    How CPGs are Mastering Omnichannel Growth

    Multi-billion-dollar consumer packaged goods manufacturers have embraced the direct-to-consumer online movement. In an industry built on shelf space and traditional advertising, CPGs have had to shift their most foundational strategies. Rather than focusing on brick and mortar efforts, they have had to become experts at a new paradigm online. But in the past year, the efforts have continued to pay dividends. In 2018 alone, direct-to-consumer sales grew 35%. This growth...

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  • Amazon Q1 Recap & Q2 Lookahead

    In this quarter’s recap, MPS strategists revisit some of the platform’s most notable recent developments, new functionality debuted over the past three months, and will talk through some of the latest tactics required to navigate Amazon’s rapidly shifting marketplace. Lead Client Strategist, Sam Jennings, and Lead Advertising Strategist, Ashley Long, talk through platform updates, Advertising enhancements, and industry news. Including Amazon Live, One Vendor rumors, Project Zero, new targeting &...

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  • Gaining Control in the Never-Ending Battle Against Resellers

      Learn about the newest ways third parties meddle with your Amazon listings to steal sales & how to minimize their impact on your brand. One of the most long-standing and relentless pain points brands have encountered over time on Amazon has been the effect of resellers via the channel’s third-party marketplace. Brands are faced with the choice of entering into a never-ending (and often ineffective) game of damage control,...

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  • The Rebirth of Amazon Display Advertising

      Brands now have the ability to join with an agency partner and fully control the programmatic side of their Amazon efforts, opening the doors to a world of new targeting capabilities. Amazon DSP (formerly known as Amazon Advertising Platform) has created the opportunity for brands to go beyond search ads and reach a larger number of high-intent consumers by implementing a full range of audience targeting strategies. By delivering...

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  • Peak Amazon Performance for Your Peak Time Period

      Whether your category sees peak sales during the Holiday Season, Summertime, Back-to-School, Valentine’s Day, federal holidays, Spring Break, or another time of year, success during this key time period is often vital to the health of a brand overall. For that reason, it’s important to make sure your Amazon business is highly visible and ready to convert shoppers. Watch our webinar on optimizing your Amazon account to achieve peak...

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