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  • Increasing Sales and Maximizing Profitability Through the Hybrid Model

    Unlock the Amazon Vendor secret to evaluating the hybrid model for you brand by watching this webinar. With so much untapped potential, brands selling on Amazon have employed an array of strategies in an effort to maximize their presence on the channel. On the other hand, many have instead followed a path of least resistance, thereby overlooking an opportunity to evaluate the channel on a foundational level. Using a combination...

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  • Advanced Amazon Advertising Strategies to Maximize ROI

    If a strategic and focused Amazon strategy is the key to increased, sustainable growth for brands, Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) is the fast lane to success. Much like Google, the real estate for organic listings is shrinking, and paid ads are increasing in their above-the-fold presence. With a wide variety of ad and targeting options – and surely more to come – AMS is growing more complex by the day. For this...

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  • New Amazon Research Trends and What They Mean for the Future of your Brand’s Strategy

    Advertising– Amazon advertising operating profit could exceed AWS by 2019, and is the most significant growth engine for Amazon profitability over the medium term. Private label– With the expansion of private label across various categories, we’ll discuss why it likely works for Amazon and why it might make sense for manufacturers and brands. Amazon Business– Take a look at where B2B likely will and will not success (category and vertical) along...

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